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About Us

60 Degrees Advisory is a strategic joint venture powered by the Malta-based law firms Be. Legal Advocates and SA Consult, effectively harnessing each partner’s core competence and expertise with a view towards facilitating a full service offering to a niche selection of international clients looking to invest in Malta.

A combination of solid business acumen, specialised technical and legal expertise and extensive local know-how enable the offering of a highly tailored and efficient approach to our clients’ Malta-facing transactions.

The firm’s core offering covers a select range of bespoke services focussed on niche practice areas each of which has come to be known as a pillar of Maltese economy and each supported by a track record comprising decades of the jurisdiction’s sector specific experience and ongoing growth.

Accordingly, our team is excellently-placed to assist with all aspects of your investment in Malta, whether the latter takes the form of re-structuring your international business, licensing your financial operations, optimising yacht and aircraft ownership through Malta and/or sourcing, negotiating and formalising the acquisition of real estate in Malta.

Malta Company Structuring

Structuring the correct corporate vehicle to house a Malta business will ultimately depend on client exigencies and, as such, the most appropriate legal form will be established on a case by case basis.

The most common form of business entity in Malta is the limited liability company which may have the status of a public or private company. In order for a limited liability company to be validly constituted in accordance with the Companies Act, Chapter 386 of the Laws of Malta, a memorandum of association must be entered into and subscribed by at least two persons (unless it is a single-member company) and a certificate of registration is issued in respect thereof by the Registrar of Companies.

Typically, insofar as the Registrar of Companies is satisfied that all company incorporation documents are in order and receives evidence of the paid-up share capital in the form of a bank deposit, the company registration number may be issued within 24 hours and the Certificate of Registration and Memorandum & Articles of Association may available for collection within two to four days.

Malta offers unparalleled corporate tax efficiency, such that, when properly structured, the net effective Malta corporate tax rate could be of as little as 5% in the hands of shareholders.

We are able to advise on all aspects of launching your Malta business, from cost and tax efficient structuring to ongoing legal, corporate and regulatory support.

Maltese company law also specifically provides for the re-domiciliation of companies into and out of Malta. The continuation of a foreign company to Malta or the continuation of a Maltese company outside Malta is made through a request to the Registrar of Companies which request must be accompanied by various documents depending on whether the company is to continue to or from Malta. We can advise on all corresponding formalities.

Financial Services Regulation

Malta’s financial services sector has experienced a rapid growth over the last years and has come to be recognised as one of the pillars of the Maltese economy. The industry enjoys a robust legislative framework and benefits from an accessible and forward-looking regulator in the Malta Financial Services Authority (the “MFSA”) which has consistently adopted a pragmatic and pro-business approach. Malta financial services licensees may avail themselves from the benefit of passporting their licence into any or all of the EU/ EEA Member States by following some basic procedures of notification, thereby facilitating the provision of services within the relevant Member State/s either through the establishment of a branch or on the basis of the cross-border provision of services.

We provide bespoke solutions in relation to the implementation of appropriate structures to suit financial services operators as well as full support throughout the corresponding licensing process until determination. The firm advises and assists (both at licensing and thereafter) operators active across the financial services spectrum including:

  • Collective Investment Schemes (including Alternative Investment Funds (AIF), Professional Investor Funds (PIF) ‘Qualifying investors’, Private Collective Investment Schemes and UCITS compliant funds);.
  • Fund Managers and other Investment Services providers;
  • Financial Institutions, including Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs);
  • Online FOREX trading platforms.

Virtual Financial Assets Regulation

On the 4th July 2018, the Maltese Parliament approved three Bills relating to blockchain technology and effectively regulating blockchain-based businesses and their service providers, as well as cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings, making Malta the first jurisdiction globally to enact specific and comprehensive legislation in the sector.

The three Bills, namely the Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act, the Innovative Technology Arrangements and Services Act, and the Virtual Financial Assets Act effectively substituted the prevailing legislative gaps and legal vacuum with legal and regulatory certainty by creating a favourable and prudent regulatory environment for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and related service providers.

We provide comprehensive support in the setting up and licensing of DLT companies, ICOs, cryptocurrency exchanges and Crypto Funds in Malta.

Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act – caters for the establishment of a new regulatory authority, the MDIA, specifically tasked with promoting and developing the innovative technology sector in Malta through proper and prudent regulation.

Innovative Technology Arrangements and Services Act

The Innovative Technology Arrangements and Services Act – This component legislative instrument establishes the legal framework governing the registration of Technology Service Providers and the certification of Technology Arrangements (including, inter alia, software and architectures which are used in designing and delivering DLT, smart contracts and related applications).

Virtual Financial Assets Act

The Virtual Financial Assets Act – established a comprehensive framework governing ICOs and the operation of crypto exchanges. This Act brings much needed clarity to the legal treatment of DLT assets and also creates specific requirements for the drafting of a whitepaper.

Real Estate

There has truly never been a better time to invest in Malta’s burgeoning property market. Property prices continue to register considerable year-on-year increases and the sector, in general, boasts exponential growth and has come to be widely recognised as an investment of choice, providing security and attractive returns.

Malta’s constant growth in various sectors such as iGaming and financial services, which continues to attract heavy foreign investment in the jurisdiction, has also contributed significantly to establishing the real estate market as one of Malta’s key economic pillars.

Having built a wide professional network encompassing some of the key players in the real estate industry including Malta’s leading real estate agents, banks, architects and property developers, we are perfectly-placed to help you make the most out of Malta’s sound property market, whether you are seeking property for a private residence or commercial use. To this end, we are able to provide tailored, expert advice across a spectrum of property related transactions including:

  • Acting for both buyers and sellers in sourcing, negotiating and formalising the acquisition of real estate in Malta.
  • Drafting of ‘promise of sale’ agreements and providing both legal and commercial scrutiny in respect of the corresponding deeds of sale.
  • Proper navigation of the rules regulating the acquisition of immovable property by non-resident persons and ensuring due adherence thereto.
  • Acting for both landlords/ lessors and tenants/ lessees in connection with the negotiation and implementation of residential and commercial lease arrangements.

Yachting & Aviation


Over the years, Malta has developed a robust legal and regulatory framework which has enabled the Malta flag to become a reputable international yacht and ship register which ranks as one of the largest worldwide.

60 Degrees Advisory offers an array of services to yacht and super yacht owners which go beyond the possibility of flag registration. Our maritime practice may assist with the following:

  • Yacht sale and purchase transactions;
  • Implementation of yacht-leasing structures;
  • Co-ordination of yacht financing transactions, preparation and/or review of loan agreements, security agreements, statutory mortgages, collateral deeds of covenants, issuing of legal opinions
  • Registration of commercial yachts and issuance of a Certificate of Compliance to trade as a Commercial Yacht;
  • Renewal of annual yacht registration;
  • Registration, amendment and transfer of mortgages over Malta-flagged yachts;
  • Enforcement of claims against vessels registered under the Malta flag and yachts situated within Maltese territorial waters.


Through the introduction of The Aircraft Registration Act 2010, Malta became a force to be reckoned with in Europe’s aircraft registration industry. The Aircraft Registration Act also implements the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and its Aircraft Protocol thereby granting secured lenders a higher degree of protection and more effective remedies whilst allowing lower borrowing costs. Moreover, the island’s role as a European financial services hub, facilitates the structuring of aircraft finance arrangements through, inter , syndicated loans and securitisation in terms of Malta’s Securitisation Act, under which a number of asset classes may be securitised including aircraft charter and lease payments.

60 Degrees Advisory offers a wide range of aviation-related services including:

  • Registration of aircraft and aircraft mortgages;
  • Coordination of AOC applications;
  • Coordination of aircraft financing transactions, preparation and/or review of any supporting agreements;
  • Implementation of private aircraft leasing structures;
  • Incorporation of appropriate corporate structures and drafting of any shareholders’ agreements.

Remote Gaming Regulation

As the first EU member-state to regulate remote gaming, Malta has fast become one of the preferred jurisdictions for the establishment of remote gaming operations and has earned itself a solid reputation as Europe’s remote gaming hub with some of world’s leading operators choosing to set up in Malta.

We provide comprehensive and ongoing advisory and support services in relation to the entire application process, the preparation and coordination of the application and relative supporting documentation as well as drafting and reviewing all agreements, advice relating to ongoing compliance and liaising with the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) for all regulatory matters.

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